An easier way to coordinate and direct virtual experiences for groups and individuals

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Introducing Hub!

CoPlay Hub makes it easier to find your devices on a network and provides a dashboard to control multiple devices at the same time. Check it out!

What Is CoPlay?

A Framework For Accessibility

CoPlay was born out of the need to help developmentally delayed kids and adults navigate virtual reality. What began as a way to help disabled people use virtual reality technology has grown into a framework and tools to help developers make their apps accessible to everyone with an app that helps coordinate and direct those experiences.

Administering Experiences

CoPlay allows a person to act as a chaperone to guide, monitor and participate in group or individual experiences. These chaperones can rest assured that their users are having experiences that are safe, seamless and fun.

Built For Groups And Individuals

Co-play allows actions to triggered and apps to be started and stopped in unison by a teacher, presenter or caregiver. It also lets presenters see and control what users are viewing and doing. The presenter can know with certainty that the group is seeing what was intended to be seen.

How It Works

CoPlay runs a web server on your device that allows you to trigger various actions, view what what is being seen and change the quality of the stream. The stream can be viewed by multiple people on the same network if they go to the network address.

To use CoPlay, make sure your VR device and your browser are connected to the same wifi network and open the app on the Quest. Once you open the app, it will give you an address to type into a web browser. It will look something like

You can use any web browser (phone or laptop) to access it.

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Unity Integration

Check out our Unity integration. With CoPlay Actions, you can add functionality to your application that can be triggered by CoPlay. Checkout the video below to see how it works.

Technology For Good

We believe in making VR accessible to as many people as possible. CoPlay helps the sick, the elderly, the disabled, the individual and the group by opening their world to a frustration-free experience! If you are interested in using CoPlay or want to build CoPlay integrations in your application, please drop us a line at or click the button below.